Wednesday, 29 September 2010

'A stitch in time saves nine... sew?'


First of all, I absolutely promise that I will stop using my Retro Camera app for photos. Promise.

So, I am a dressmaker. Aspiring dressmaker, more appropriately. To date (and subtley ignoring the purple monstrosity I made in GCSE Textiles back when I thought goths were awesome and that stretch velveteen was the perfect beginners fabric), I have only completed two dresses and a skirt. And one of those dresses, I don’t like and will probably never wear outside of the house. The zip took 5 attempts, and it’s still wonky.

I have a very strong tendency to want to run before I can walk. Despite my lack of anything approaching ‘experience’, I already have design sketches for a full 8-piece capsule wardrobe for work, as well as plans to make my other half a 3 piece pinstripe suit for his birthday next April.

Add to this the fact that I have a great reluctance to spend many pennies on my fabric (because I’ll most likely cock it up) and you get a good idea of who I am; clumsy, messy, impatient and stingy.

But I hope I can work with these faults, turn them around and come out producing some gorgeous items. I’m learning as I go, and hope that in sharing my results and progress it might encourage other people who are fazed by how easy some people make it look.