Saturday, 2 October 2010

#1 - The Coffee Date Dress

First things first, we cannot possibly have all this ogling without formal introductions. Blog, meet Daisy, Daisy meet Blog.


Good, now that we are all friends...

The Coffee Date Dress from Burdastyle is what I would call a classic of the genre (the genre being that of the home-dressmaker), as it is pretty simple, endlessly customizeable, and the pattern is free.

So it was the first thing I tried, et viola!


‘Oh, it’s so pretty!’ I hear you cry. Well maybe. The ruffle’s good. But the material reminds me (whether accurately or not) of a Paediatric nurse’s ‘fun’ scrubs. And the finishing… let’s turn Daisy around, shall we?


Wonky. The waist doesn’t line up. The back of the neck doesn’t line up. There are holes, people, actual holes. And it's got a hunchback.

Turns out (and I’m letting you into a little secret here) that when you are making dresses, things like grainlines and seam allowances are actually really really important. I thought that perhaps, when people go on about them, that it was all just a conspiracy to make things take longer. Y’know, like driving with your hands at ten-and-two, rinsing your rice or washing your hands after using the lav (joking).

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